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May. 5th, 2009 | 09:44 am
location: the house
mood: awake awake
music: rho eating breakfast

Household-y (and beyond) Chore List:

1. Drain some of the gunk out of the water heater
2. Install the new shower heads in the bathrooms
3. Repair the sliding screen door and clean out the tracks
4. Get an oil change
5. Buy lawn mower oil and lawn bags for the next time I mow the lawn
6. Pull weeds and re-landscape the front and side of the house
7. Find three days that I can bring my car in to fix a leaky gasket (I will have to stay with my mom and Rho will get to come too)
8. Finish scarf, tote bags, and a pair of gloves in two months
9. Print off, fill out, and organize papers for our vacation to Alaska
10. Purchase ink and resume paper and START LOOKING FOR A JOB!!

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(no subject)

May. 4th, 2009 | 06:14 pm
location: the house
mood: cold cold
music: nothing

I'm not all moved into my mom's house. It's great and oddly enough I managed to pull together enough furniture to fill a 3 bedroom house. Quite a feat considering I moved from a one bedroom apartment.

Jason is in Kentucky and will leave tomorrow for South Carolina. I won't get to see him until the end of July. In case anyone was wondering.

My cat is next to me and he keeps yawning, but his breath is gross so I think I'm going to get up and get dinner.

More later, I suppose. Though I don't really know what else there is to say...

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Jan. 4th, 2009 | 10:45 am
mood: accomplished accomplished

I started on my resolutions this weekend:


My store is now open, though there's not much there yet. Hopefully by next weekend I will have added another wallet or two and some cat toys. I also need to add a paypal account because for now I can only accept personal/cashier's checks.

I've even gotten ahead of myself and started working with polymer clay. It's something I didn't expect to get into until halfway through the year. It's not ready to be added to my store yet - I plan on casting the clay in resin to make some jewelry/key chains and I'm not quite ready to start with resin.

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New Year

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 04:42 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful

1. Start an online store selling the things I've made

2. Lose the 10 lbs I've gained at work from sitting all... day... long... (fer srs I have to make excuses to leave my chair)

3. Get a new job that pays me fairly (I make less than the high school grad who has worked there less than a year)

4. Get a new job that will enable me to take a vacation when I want (within reason... but currently my next chance at going home for a holiday is 4 years away)

5. Make 2009 a better year than 2008 (at least 10 times better)

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Now It's Fall

Oct. 29th, 2008 | 05:12 pm
mood: energetic energetic

Jason and I have settled in just fine.

Our apartment is a little full but comfortable.

The African Violet I rescued from certain death now has a million buds on it. But really more like 40.

Jason and I adopted a 2 year old male black tabby and changed his name from Toro to Rho.

My job isn't the best, but they are most likely going to work things out so that I can get 2 weeks off in a row to go on the Alaskan cruise with mom next summer.

I joined a knitting group and Wednesday nights are now Knit Night, so that's all I have time for today.

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End of Summer Update

Sep. 28th, 2008 | 09:14 pm
location: Springfield, IL
mood: calm calm
music: Jason Playing Dragon Quest 8

Well, I spent a month with mom as planned. I helped her pack up her whole house and Grandma's as well. The good thing about being there to help was that I got first dibbs on anything I wanted from Grandma. I ended up with her "fine china" that was collected many years ago from a gas station. I'm excited to get to use it, hopefully... eventually. I still think about her often and working in a hospital (I'll get to that later) doesn't help. There are a lot of things every day that remind me of her. I'm hoping to get some spare time, and spare cash, to create a few shadow boxes with things I collected from her house.

I managed to snag an interview down in Springfield mid July. Jason had expressed interest in moving back to Illinois, so I had applied just for fun and to see if they would be interested. Within a week of my interview I was hired. I've worked at the medical center for 6 weeks now as a glorified secretary/scheduler. My actual title is OR Data Support/Communications Specialist, but for the past 6 weeks all I've been doing is answering and directing phone calls. It's easy work, but it's very fast paced. I deal with a lot of doctors, nurses, and patients every day, so it's hard for me to keep people straight plus there's all the medical terminology involved. It's ok for now - the pay isn't wonderful, and I don't fancy being so close to people's extracted body parts.

Jason and I found a very nice one bedroom apartment not to fr from where we work (he snagged a job at the medical center too). The layout is great and they did a wonderful job cleaning everything before we moved in. The building could use a little work and it's not in the best area, but it's good for now. The price is right and there's enough space for both of us. In any case, we have a year lease, so we'll be here for a while.

I joined a kniting group a few weeks back and it's been fun meeting a few new people. Most of the women there are middle-aged, but there's a young'n or two like me and I'm hoping to make a few new friends.

Right in town there's a PetsMart and we've wandered in many times since moving here. We decided to get a cat, and we'll be picking him up Tuesday.

I've been really into my plants this summer. I've been watering them and measuring their growth for the past few months diligently. My African Violet has two flower buds, and I'm hopeful that they will open this time.

My family has decided to come down for Thanksgiving (Mom, Vickie, Angie, and possibly Angie's boyfriend) so I may get to use my new china after all.

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Just FYI

Jun. 28th, 2008 | 11:31 pm
location: Mom's House
mood: drained drained

Graduation went smoothly and I passed all of my classes with excellent grades.

Jason was awesome and took my U-Haul down to Kentucky for me so that I could stop in Chicago for a few days - plus my sister came in from Spain to surprise my mom for Mother's Day.

Moving in with Jason and his parents went smoothly, but I'm adjusting slowly to how things work around their house.

I started getting a lot of calls for jobs/interviews for a while, until I started slacking off on applications.

Jason and I took an unplanned trip to Springfield and I ended up taking the Amtrak up to Chicago for a quick visit.

My Grandma passed away a week ago today, so the early part of this week was spent at the wake/funeral service.

I will now be staying with my mom for the next month as I try to help her get settled into a new place by August 1st.

Things have been turned around and upside down many times in the past month an a half, so I have good days and bad days. If I'm not helping mom clean or look at new homes/condos/apartments, I'm sitting around waiting to be useful.

It seemed like a good opportunity to update.

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Annnnd.... no.

Apr. 22nd, 2008 | 08:16 am

I was gonna do that personality test thing that everyone suddenly posted.

Then I decided it was too long and I really didnt want to take the time.

Probably gonna get rid of this in another week or two because I rarely even check it anymore and less often bother to sign in and make a post.

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Food time!

Mar. 13th, 2008 | 07:37 am
location: Apartment
mood: sleepy sleepy

I need to acquire some groceries again, preferably from Econo.

I could also use a haircut, but that's secondary and definitely not as important.

Anyone free Friday late afternoon or anytime Saturday or Sunday?

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(no subject)

Feb. 28th, 2008 | 11:54 am
location: work
mood: amused amused
music: radio playing pop/rock


Go. Be amused.

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